I’m so excited to have you join us! I want to share some information about the 3 “Ws”-The Who, Why and When of J. Bennett Consulting Firm and how this firm can be of value to you now and in the future!

Who are we?  J. Bennett Consulting firm is the parent company with two arms or components so to speak.

The Legal Cafe, “2 Coffees and A Consult, Please!” (TM) is our business arm of J.Bennett Consulting. This arm is focused on helping you navigate the initial stages of a business startup including credit and the legal knowledge necessary for your success.

The Healthcare Lounge, “Want To Talk Disability?”(TM) is our healthcare advocacy arm which supports clients dealing with healthcare concerns such as a physical or mental health injury that is acute and chronic, lasting for a period of 12 months or more, and preventing an individual from maintaining meaningful employment.

Why an interest in these areas?  First, Business is complex and many new owners do not make it past the first 3 years of starting their new business.  That’s  because owners spend most of their time and money in the “learning by mistake“ phase, so our purpose here is to take the sting out of this phase so that your attention is  mostly geared towards other areas of developing your business.  

Second, is our healthcare advocacy in the appeals for  Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). SSDI is a section of Administrative Law and is also very complex.  Its process is confusing, making a large number of claimants frustrated and leaving them with the feeling of no where to turn. Many claimants lose their case, home, and employment.  The process itself creates more insecurity and health issues for individuals. We are here to help you through this process so that you can focus on getting well.

So now the next question leads us to when can we help you?  If you are confused about what is necessary to start your business or need some guidance in either business or the SSDI claim process , working with us will help speed up that process because we streamline a plan to your specific need with honesty, business, legal and healthcare know-how.

So... when you’re ready to venture into an amazing business or if you or someone you know is struggling with a health injury preventing gainful employment, don’t hesitate to reach out at 302-605-5045 or email me at joycelyn@bennettconsultingfirm.com

Delaware, Maryland USA

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