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Topic: Let’s talk about social security benefits ( SSDI)

Disclaimer: This post and future posts are not considered legal advice; therefore, is not protected under the law attorney-client privilege. This post and all future posts on this subject matter are intended to provide information regarding the SSA SSDI process.

Hello everyone! Its time to let the dragon head rear its ugly head! Have you filed for Social Security disability in the past but was denied?Or maybe you knew or currently know someone, a close family member or friend who struggles with mental health but don‘t know that they can receive benefits for chronic mental health issues? Social Security disability benefits are not only for the physically injured but they are also for anyone who is finding it difficult to work due to a long-term (12 months or more) of an acute and chronic illness. Chronic physical pain and mental health issues can be debilitating! Now I will not tell you that this is a short term process.,, not at all! From the initial stage of the application process through the appeal process, if you have been denied, can take up to two years. However, Social Security and anyone who understands the process knows that to successfully win a case, there are a few steps that you need to follow. We will talk about the “grid” as it is known in our next blog and break down the process for you. We’ll chat soon!


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